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Compacting datasets

Jena Fuseki datasets must be regularly compacted, or they will become bigger and bigger until your hard drive is full.

Unfortunately, the endpoint to compact datasets (see this page) cannot be used with SemApps-specific datasets. You have to stop Fuseki and launch a specific command.

Launch the compaction

First stop your Fuseki container (docker compose down), then run the following command:

docker run --volume="$(pwd)"/data/fuseki:/fuseki --entrypoint=/ semapps/jena-fuseki-webacl

Warning: The volume path can be different on your setup. It has to be the exact same as the volumes line of the fuseki service present in your docker-compose file.

It will compact all datasets one by one, put them in new directories and then remove the old directories. Instead of /Data-0001, the data will now be stored in /Data-0002 (for example).

Bash script

Here's a script which can be launched with a cron job every night:


# Add /usr/local/bin directory where docker-compose is installed

cd ~/path-to-semapps-directory

# Stop all containers including Fuseki
docker compose down

# Run fuseki compact with same data as prod
docker run --volume="$(pwd)"/data/fuseki:/fuseki --entrypoint=/ semapps/jena-fuseki-webacl

docker compose up -d

echo "Cron job finished at" $(date)

To call this script every night at 4am, call crontab -e and enter this line :

0 4 * * * /path/to/ >> /home/cron-compact.log 2>&1